The Gone to Seed collection was Maggie’s final contribution to a lifetime of artwork, debuting at Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts gallery in Brattleboro, VT shortly before her death in the winter of 2015. The series features striking, larger-than-life giclee prints of botanical specimens in the final throes of life. As the sunlight waned and the temperature dropped, Maggie captured each plant in the dramatic act of spilling its life force into the air or ground in the form of seeds to ensure its succession.  

At this time we are not offering artwork for sale. Please check back here for updates at a later date.

Below is an excerpt from Maggie’s artist’s statement about this series.
“In the late Fall of this year I hiked the familiar woods trails where every Spring for the past 30 years I have collected Vermont’s ephemeral flora. The transformation of the plants was so dramatic, from tiny shapes of starry pale flowers and their new born leaves clasped tightly around their stems to ungainly bug-eaten golden leaves bearing red and blue fruits, oozing their seed and juices into the soil and decaying leaf matter. What a metaphor for life, for my life, as I struggle with terminal cancer, birth, death and rebirth.”